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Sufism is characterized by mystical travel into the presence of reality, purifying one’s inner self, and beautifying the inner self with praiseworthy traits.

Rationalism is characterized by regarding reason to be the chief source and test of knowledge and where the criterion of truth is not necessarily sensory but intellectual and deductive.

The two represent the crown jewels of humanity. One being the crown jewel of the ancients and the other being the crown jewel of the modern age. They need one another. They are like two wings of a bird, the bird cannot fly without them both (from a Sufi adage).

Some of the results of Sufi Rationalism in brief:

  • Positivity (affirmative, pleasant)
  • Compassion (empathy for the suffering of others)
  • Humanism (emphasis on the value and agency of human beings)
  • Naturalism (the laws and forces that operate in the world are purely natural)
  • Liberalism (autonomy of the individual, favoring civil and political liberties)


This site is about ideas, ideas through the unique view of a Sufi Rationalist.


Posted September 14, 2013 by sufirationalist

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