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Muhammad said: ‘The Muslim (meaning a righteous/good person in his view) does not slander, curse, speak obscenely, or speak rudely.’ (Sunan At-Tirmidhî)

Profane relates to disrespect.

Disrespect is to insult.

Insult is to abuse.

Abuse is to treat negatively.

Profanity is a weapon of negation. Negation is a weapon of mass destruction. There is no room for peace when profanity is used (abrasively).

  • Note that this is when profanity is used abrasively, i.e., negatively. Profanity can also be used as a joking sort of insult, which if acceptable to those present is not destructive.

Posted September 14, 2013 by sufirationalist in Profanity is a Weapon of Negation